My Girl Friday – American Kids Review

Read a review of My Girl Friday’s newest EP, American Kids, below the cut!

The 5-piece band from Phoenix, Arizona have created an EP of substance, skill and feel good sound. If you haven’t started dancing like an idiot by the end, then you’ve been listening to the wrong record.

The album begins with the whimsical and enthralling opening number, Rolling Stone. It sets the overall mood of the record and is the perfect song to travel to while reminiscing about the year.

Next is the first single off of the record, American Kids. Filled with pop culture references and catchy guitar riffs, the song has the band’s old, pop/rock sound with an enticing country twang.

The following track, Home With You, has a storyteller format tied in with a memorable tune, making the song too hard to resist. If anyone is a sucker for songs about instantaneous love, then you’ll definitely be listening to this song on repeat for hours on end.

The next track, Live Forever, is the most similar to the band’s pop/rock roots, yet the song conveys a “free spirit” vibe, which could captivate even the most skeptical of listeners.

Down By The Water, is the second single off of the record. The teaming of Justin Godsey and Sara Robinson’s vocals, tied together with the added harmonica and banjo gives the song a very country feel.

The record ends with the inspiring and hopeful, Love Will Find You. With poetic lyrics that fans can relate to (“You’re gonna feel knocked out when nobody is around…It’ll hit you hard without even making a sound.“) and empower them (“To whom it may concern, good love will find you someday, but if you keep on looking for it, it’ll only keep you waiting…live well, live happy, live free.”), it is the best song that My Girl Friday have written so far. It sums up the record perfectly and will keep you wanting more and more.

My Girl Friday may have been seen as misfits, but with this EP in their pocket they will be a mighty force to be reckoned with. If you haven’t expected much from these guys next year, be prepared.

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