Interview – Lost & Loveless Clothing

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great holiday season. We recently had an interview with Lost & Loveless Clothing. Check it out below the cut!

Q: What was the inspiration behind creating Lost & Loveless? 

A: The inspiration behind L&L is providing an outlet that people could stand behind that represents love and positive change in the world.

Q: How did the four of you come together to create Lost & Loveless? Were you friends before creating the line, or did you come together because of its creation?

A: I knew Alex Lopez from years of being involved in the San Diego music scene. And I actually met Noah & Daniel through him because they were drawn into the message behind our company. It has worked out amazingly well and I love the dudes like they’re my brothers.

Q: Where did Tag come from? How did he become the ‘face’ of the line?

A: Tag spawned from the idea and message behind what our company stands for. He represents this ragged, beat up person who has been tossed aside, but ultimately just wants to love and be loved. Tag stands for positive change, no matter how down and out we get at times. He’s too cute! How can you not love the little thing?!

Q: Overall your clothing company seems like a great cause, how have the reactions to it been? How has the overall journey been?

A: The reactions have been extremely positive and uplifting, to say the least! We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface, so I feel our journey hasn’t even started yet. The ideas we have and want to execute on is a very long list. It’s going to take a bit of time, but we love it and can’t wait for the journey.

Q: Could you explain how/why you got to partner with Toys For Tots and what you guys are doing for them? 

A: I grew up always working with them, even as a little kid. It’s a great charity that benefits disadvantaged children. On our product launch, we matched any donation made with all orders we had. It went very well and we plan on doing more work with different charities with every seasonal product launch we have.

Q: Will you be selling merch for Lost & Loveless on any upcoming/current tours? Warped Tour 2012?

A: We are looking into sponsoring tours next year and really working towards getting the name out more. We’ve spoken about Warped Tour, we’ll see what happens. But you can definitely expect to hear more about us next year 🙂

Q: Do you have any favorites from the fall line? Overall?

A: I really love the crew necks. All of our tshirts are insanely comfy. It’s all I wear. No jokes. So I guess everything we have is my favorite. Terrible answer? Sorry. It’s true.

Q: What do you see in the future for Lost & Loveless?

A: Just really striving towards getting the name and message out there. Hopefully getting more people and more bands on board to really spread the love. We want to launch a kids line of clothes in 2012. We also want to make Tag teddy bears. Lots of stuff in the future.

 Q: Any possible collabs in the near future?

A: We are looking into collabs with bands and other organizations. That will most definitely be happening in 2012. Very excited!

Q: What advice could you give to a teenager wanting to create a fashion line/clothing company? And about how much work would you estimate goes into getting a line like Lost & Loveless up and running?

A: My advice is to have meaning. Have a story. Really stand behind something that people can relate to and stand behind as well. Of course you want it to look cool and appeal to people’s tastes, but you also don’t want it to fall on deaf ears. It took us 5+ months to really get everything together before we launched. Don’t half ass it.

Q: Any last words?

A: Much love to you guys for the interview piece. Keep an eye out for us in 2012!

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