Divided by Friday Interview

(From left to right): Matt Morgan, Jose Villanueva, Drew Howard and Al German

Megan sat down with the guys before their show in Des Moines, IA last Saturday to talk about touring, their latest EP and the one sport they are all obsessed with.

Introduce yourself and your role in the band:

I’m Jose and I sing and play guitar.

I’m Matt, I sing and play guitar.

I’m Drew and I play bass.

I’m Al and I play drums.

Tell me one secret about yourself and one secret about one person in the band:

Jose– I don’t know if this is really a secret, but I don’t know how to swim. That’s something a lot of people don’t know about me. I can’t think of a secret, come back to me.

Matt- My secret is I don’t know how to dive (keeping it an aquatic theme) and Drew really likes the movie ‘Little Nicky.’

Jose– That reminds me! Matt really likes Coldstone.

Drew– I have a phobia of old people and/or amputees and a secret about Al is that he is an amazing bass player.

Al– A secret about me is that I can’t eat with metal because it’s really sensitive to my teeth. A secret about Jose is that he really likes Toy Story 3. A secret about all of us is that we all like ‘Raw’ too.

Who is your favorite wrestler?

Al– All time is Stone Cold Steve Austin and currently is John Cena.

Drew– I’d say Stone Cold as well and John Cena.

Matt– My favorite wrestler is Randy Orton, past and present.

Jose– My favorite wrestler is John Cena and I didn’t watch it enough in years past to have a favorite older wrestler.

You released your EP ‘Prove It’ a few months ago, what song has the most significance to you and why?

Al– I like ‘Lost in Limbo’ because I can move freely a lot on there (and I like to do that with drums).  That song lets me do that and that’s why I like that song. I love all of them but that’s my favorite out of all of them.

Drew– It’s not necessarily my favorite song but I like ‘Growing Up’ because I don’t want to grow up at all. I just want to be Peter Pan and stay small and young for as long as possible.

Matt– My favorite song is ‘Prove it’ because as a band it’s the most representative of our mindset and it’s a really honest song. So that means the most to me.

Jose– For a few different reasons, ‘Face to Face’ is probably my favorite. It’s a slower song and it’s personal for me so that’s why I like it. Also, we’ve always wanted to have a guest vocalist and that was the first time we made it happen.

How has the tour been with Hit the Lights so far? Any crazy stories?

Matt– Well, we’re on the fourth or fifth day so nothing too crazy has happened but we’re having a really good time so far. Everyone has been really nice.

Drew– Attendance has been pretty good.

Matt– It’s obviously the biggest tour we’ve done thus far so there are some things that are different. Such as the attendance; which is nice. It’s been fun.

Al– Even though there is an age difference with them (HTL) it’s still really cool that we’re still able to relate on the same level. Not like father-child.

Drew– Kind of, almost.

Matt– It’s like 10-13 years with Drew.

What do you guys do to pass your time on the road?

Matt– Play a lot of video games

Jose– Play a lot of video games, today we watched Transformers 3, sleep sometimes. Al is mostly driving.

Al– I listen to a lot of music and play air drums.

Drew– I listen to a lot of Kid Cudi. I love Kid Cudi.

Matt– Drew spits rhymes in the backseat.

Jose– It’s true, then I have to clean them up when he’s done. Someone has to do it.

*everyone laughs

Any favorite video games?

Al– Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty.

Jose– (MW3) isn’t out yet!

Al– Sorry, MW2, I said 3 because we’ve been talking about it coming out all week.

Matt– Call of Duty Black Ops just stays in the system.

Drew- The greatest game of all time is ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ , but we don’t have that in the van.

What do you miss most about being away from home?

Matt– Food.

Jose– Food and family a lot.

Matt– Oh yeah, family too.

Jose– My bed, my girlfriend, all of that stuff.

What meal do you miss the most?

Matt– Anything with meat and potatoes for me.

Drew– I miss steak a lot.

Al– Yeah, me too. My dad is really good at cooking steak.

Jose– I miss Cookout. It’s a fast food place we have in North Carolina, obviously home cooking too but Cookout is something late at night on the road that we crave and we can’t get.

Matt– It’s hard to find good food late at night.

Who are your musical influences?

Al– I like this bass player named Richard Bona. He plays jazz and funk a lot, his drummer is really awesome and his name is Kevin.

Drew– This is pretty generic for a bass player, but I’ve looked up to Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 since I was in second grade. I also really like John Paul Jones from Led Zepplin.

Matt– We’ve always been pretty influenced by Saosin, Yellowcard, Armor for Sleep and Reliant K. Those are the four (and Anberlin) that we look up to.

Jose– Armor for Sleep, Anberlin, Yellowcard, Saosin and vocally I grew up listening to a lot of gospel music.

Last song you listened to?

Jose– ‘She Will Be Loved’ by Maroon 5

Matt– Hit the Lights has this new EP out and there’s this song ‘Gravity’ they’ve been playing every night and I really like it. I’ve been listening to it for the past 24 hours.

Al– ‘Jammin’ by Bob Marley

Drew– ‘Cudi’s Own’ by Kid Cudi

Plans for the future?

Matt– We have a tour in mid January thru mid February with two other bands we haven’t announced yet. Basically we just want to be touring non-stop. We’re trying to fill up our schedule for the spring right now and we’re trying really hard to get Warped Tour so hopefully something there will come through. That’s always been a really big dream of ours.

Jose– We’ve been writing a little bit, we have a few songs that we’ve been playing at practices. So we’ll keep that up to while we’re on tour.

Word Association – the boys shouted out the first thing that came to mind when I said:


Jose– Music

Hit the Lights:



Drew- The Devil Wears Prada


Al– beat (down)

Kim Kardashian:

Jose– scandalous


Al-big butt


Pumpkin Pie:

Jose– delicious


Al– Not so good

Drew– It’s great

Matt, Jose, Drew and Al

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Nice job, Megan!

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