The Ocean’s Eyes Interview

Read below the cut for an interview with Andy, lead guitarist/vocalist for british pop-rock band The Ocean’s Eyes

Q: Introduce yourself and your position in the band.

A: I’m Andy – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Q: Tell a secret about each member of the band, or something fans wouldn’t know.

A: Luke has calf muscles bigger than our tourvan. Ben is secretly a descendent of infamous British F1 driver Nigel Mansell. Charlie is a cockney Manchester United fan (an oxymoron), and Mitch treats cats and cars like human beings. Seriously.

Q: You guys are a pretty new band, describe your journey together so far? Are you still working out the kinks that the closeness of being bandmates brings?

A: We are pretty new – in fact Charlie and I only joined in April this year, so it’s taken some time to get used to playing with and being around each other. We did our first tour with this current lineup last month, and have another in December. So I guess only time will tell if we can put up with each other any longer 🙂

No seriously, there’s great dynamic in the band and we already feel like brothers.

Q: Explain your music to somebody whose never heard of you before.

A: We are a British pop/rock band with a raw punk edge. We all listen to loads of different genres and try to draw influences from everyone and everywhere. Our live shows are heavier, louder and much more punkrock than what we convey on record, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Q: How would you describe the underground British music scene as opposed to other countries, the US for example?

A: The underground British music scene is on it’s arse really. There are so many great bands out there – Blitz Kids, Don Broco, and Burn So Bright just to name a few – but its crowded and there’s too many bands and management companies out there who are damaging the way we used to do things. It’s all based around finances these days, and although it’s a sad state of affairs, it’s something every band has to deal with. So long as bands stick together and help each other out, it’ll survive and hopefully improve. However, if you guys want to bring us over to experience the US scene, then please do, we will be on the next flight!

Q: Describe your fans using one word.

A: Crazy.

Q: If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing?

A: I’d be booking tours, managing bands, promoting shows… basically anything to still be a part of this scene, because as much as I feel it’s going downhill, it’s what I love, and it’s what I’ve always done.

Q: Never have I ever …

A: Toured the US of A. hint hint…

Q: Every day I …

A: Earn my pennies and count the days until our next tour

Q: Off of your new EP, Lost Along The Way, which song is your personal favorite and why?

A: It’s a tough one – I can’t really decide between Keep Me A Secret and Wake Up! KMAS has a bit of a waltz-y rhythm going on, and has my favourite chorus of the whole CD, but Wake Up! means so much to our front man Luke, and his feelings have kinda transcended through to the rest of us. I respect the guy so much for writing that track, and without going into detail, it means the world to him and therefore to me too.

Q: If you could include any one of your songs in a movie soundtrack, which song would it be, which movie, and why?

A: Tough question! I think Keep Me A Secret would work in one of the American Pie films. But I’d love to hear Wake Up! playing over the credits of A Clockwork Orange 2. Yeah.

Q: Any last words?

A: To anyone who reads this – thank you so much for taking the time out to do so, and if you have a minute we would be so grateful if you checked out our new EP. Its cheap as chips on iTunes, and we just want as many people out there as possible to hear what we’ve worked on for the last few months.

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  1. Tori says:

    good interview!!

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