In Stereo

Don’t underestimate the power of a few songs, as Cartel’s EP In Stereo packs quite a punch, check out an album review below the cut.

Musically this EP is strong in every aspect; from Will Pugh’s flawless vocals to Kevin Sanders clean drum beats. Even with the departure of long-time bass guitarist Jeff Lett this year, this album doesn’t skip a beat.

My favorite song off of ‘In Stereo’ is “Lessons in Love.” “Lessons in Love” was released as a single this past July and it was immediately well received by music critics and fans alike.  Pugh sings, “But you just go and leave me hanging, much like you always used to do” which has the slight undertones of their 2006 hit, “Honestly.”

 Every song on this EP projects the boy’s views on love whether it is fighting the haters in “The American Dream” or feeling undeniable chemistry in ‘Conduit.’

 If you are already a fan of Cartel don’t hesitate buying this In Stereo. Even if you’re checking out Cartel for the first time or haven’t listened to them since Chroma, buy this EP.

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