Squid The Whale Interview

Check out an interview we did with Detroit’s progressive pop-rock outfit Squid The Whale below the cut. Make sure to pick up their new album new war. on iTunes, and let us know what you think!
Q: Can you guys talk about the formation of your band, how you guys all came together?
A: We knew each other from previous bands and playing shows together. It’s a pretty typical boring formation of a band.
Q: You did an excellent cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, there have been many covers of this song but yours definitely sticks out. What’s another song you’d consider covering, and would you ever do a cover album?
A: Firstly, thank you. Secondly, I would personally love doing cover songs. I don’t think we’re the type of band to do a cover album but a song now and then would be fun. There’s not a whole lot of music I wouldn’t like to cover. I love everything from Janet Jackson to Eisley.
Q: I read that you guys manage your own tours AND create your design work. How has it been on the band? It seems like it would be quite strenuous. 
A: We actually prefer it to an extent. We like things the way we like them. We know what we want, who better to execute it than us? At the same time, there are instances where we’re all very indecisive and wouldn’t mind a push.
Q: Tell a secret about each member of the band that fans wouldn’t know.
A: We don’t keep secrets from our fans. If they ask, we tell.
Q: What’s your ideal audience at a live show and who do you want your music to reach?
A: Any audience is ideal. If there are people at a show we’re going to play. I take pride in turning a crowd that’s never heard of us. I like playing shows where people aren’t sure how to take us but by the end of our set are front and center.
Q: The names Squid the Whale and “A Worrisome Voyage…” both have a nautical essence. Why the large connection to the sea?
A: Brandon loves boats.
Q: Give us your best pick-up line.
A: We’re not that creepy.
Q: Why do you feel people should listen to your music? What do you have to offer that’s different from most bands in todays music scene?
A: People are smart, they’re also getting tired of bland emotionless garbage. There’s a resurgence of real music happening, I strongly feel like we’re a part of that. We’re not making music for the sake of being in a band, this is our outlet.
Q: It’s quite evident through your tracks you guys love those electric guitar riffs, ever thought about going acoustic? Or doing acoustic covers?
A: “Drown” is an acoustic track on our record. We’ve also performed multiple songs acoustically including our cover of “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. So yes!    😉
Q: If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing?
A: We don’t even envision ourselves doing anything else.
Q: How did you guys discover your “sound”, what you wanted to contribute to the band to get you to where you are currently? 
A: I think we’re still finding our sound. Our record, “new war.”,  is a representation of the first four songs we wrote as a band. It was very natural and we’re very happy with the outcome. Since the release of that record we’ve grown a vast amount and are anxious to see what we create next. Our sound is drawn from four very different influences. If we all listened to the same thing, none of us would ever create something new.
Q: Where would you like to see your band in the future, other than reaching a wide or large, engaged audience?
A: On tour, always and forever. We love the road and are a very close group. If I can continue to tour and write music with my best friends, I’ll be happy.
ALSO: Check out their new video for “The Greatest Way” below!

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