Jack’s Mannequin & Things

Staff writer Megan Berberich talks about Jack’s Mannequin’s new album People and Things below the cut.

We’ve all heard the story of Andrew McMahon. Once a member of rock band Something Corporate, he started a solo career under the guise Jack’s Mannequin and has been producing his own tracks since 2005. In early 2005, three months before Everything In Transit was released, McMahon was diagnosed with leukemia. All of his albums have been influenced by his circumstances and his third album “People and Things” is no different.

Relationships are the driving force behind “People and Things.”  According to Andrew McMahon in a Spotify interview, “these relationships in your life and how they are all gradually growing all around me.” “It’s all about tension and release.”

McMahon finds himself writing about not necessarily about relationships with women but with the people he meets on tour promoting Glass Passenger that impact him deeply.

Don’t expect to hear a completely new sound from Jack’s Mannequin with “People and Things.” The tone of this album is a mixture between the poppy  ‘Everything in Transit’ and the serious “The Glass Passenger.”

One of my personal favorites is “Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die).” It’s classic Jack’s Mannequin—style. His voice is soothing even as he sings “Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die). Shocking maybe to some, McMahon isn’t afraid to put out these stark ideas in hopes that listeners may actually delve deep into his songs as opposed to barely skimming the surface of his album.

A few other standout songs are ‘My Racing Thoughts, Release Me, and Amy, I.’

I recommend streaming this album and getting a feel for what Jack’s Mannequin is all about if you’ve never listened to them before. If you love Jack’s Mannequin’s past albums I wouldn’t hesitate to buy “People and Things.”

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