Lay Down, Cuddle Up EP Review

Paint the Words is talented in the craft of easy-going music. Lay Down, Cuddle Up makes you want to do exactly that.

Tyler Simko’s calming voice paired with acoustics makes you just want to sway, or in my case, lay down in a hammock and read a nice book. Girls might be wondering who the girl he’s singing about is and how they can become her. The four songs compliment each other so well. My personal favorite is “I Think I’m in Love”. What a cute name for a song. It also a lovely piano track weaving in through it. Now that the seasons are changing for the warmer, you definitely should check out this EP cause it’s perfect for the spring and summer.

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One comment on “Lay Down, Cuddle Up EP Review

  1. Theres the moving rocker In Gods Country which is catchy and a bit more stripped down than some of the anthems but still sounds huge.

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