Bright Eyes – The People’s Key Review

I can honestly say that Bright Eyes’ new album, ‘The People’s Key’ is hands down, their best album yet. And a fantastic display of Connor Oberst’s pure talent.

Don’t get me wrong, his past work was phenomenal, just a bit underdeveloped compared to his new album though. The People’s Key shows a matured Connor, but with the similar raw sound of his much older music. The only thing I have to complain about is the same problem I’ve always had with Bright Eyes though, the lack of variety in the tones throughout the album. Which makes it tend to become boring half way through if you’re listening to it all the way, but it’s great homework music!
To say the least, I was unsurprisingly impressed with The People’s Key. Leave it to Bright Eyes to release yet another unforgettable album.
Available now on iTunes!

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